[Trouble Shooting] TD1000 External TPMS

  TD1000 External TPMS Trouble Shooting

       1. Indications disappear from / do not appear in the display.

          A.  Please make sure if power switch is on.

          B.  Please make sure if monitor has battery inserted.

          C.  Be sure the power of battery is enough.

          D.  Be sure to observe the correct polarity when installing the batteries.

          E.  If you use power cord, make sure if it is disconnected.

          F.  Please make sure if battery has no power after use for a long time. Battery could

               run out of power and we suggest to replacing with new battery.

          G.  Please make sure if the system is in ‘sleeping mode’ as the ‘sleepingmode’ will be

               triggered when system has been in idle for more than 15minutes. It is for power-

               saving purpose. You can let system back to workby shocking monitor slightly or

               by pressing any of buttons in monitor.

          H.  If these solutions do not help improving the situation, consult your nearest

               Tyredog dealer.

       2. No connection between sensors and monitor. The status will show as chart below

          and you can find tire pressure values are gone (in 3 dashes---).


          A.  Please make sure if sensors are in a configured distance. This system,

               TD1000A-X, should be applied in passenger car. If installed in other kind of

               vehicle, the system doesn’t guarantee its functionality.

          B.  Please make sure if sensor has battery inserted.

          C.  Be sure to sensor the correct polarity when installing the batteries.

          D.  Battery has no power after use for a long time. Battery could run out of power

               and we suggest to replace with new battery.

          E.  Please make sure if your sensor has mixed with other systems’. As each sensor

              has its unique identified number and monitor can only receive pre-loaded

              identified number and cannot accept other new identified number.

          F.  Please re-install the sensor’s battery. After take away sensor’s battery, the

              status of being without battery need to leave for 10 seconds and then insert

              battery again. It is for resetting system.

          G.  If these solutions do not help improve the situation, consult your nearest

              Tyredog dealer.

        3. Monitor cannot stop beep.

           When battery-lower indicator is on and keeps on running system for days straight,

           it could make monitor abnormal and keep on beeping. Just change battery for back

           to normal operation.

        4. Monitor display color is getting dark

           When car temperature is over 80℃, it is natural that LCD panel will be getting dark.

           When car temperature is back to normal, LCD panel will be normal as well。

        5. When temperature is below -20℃, the response time could be slower in LCD


        6. Monitor in the ‘sleeping mode’.

           Temporarily park car or drive car in a stable speed, which could let monitor get into

           ‘sleeping mode’. It is a special design for power-saving purpose.  You can simply

           slightly shock monitor or press any of buttons to wake it up.

        7. Please make sure the surface of glass is clean and flat to give the best fitness to

           monitor bracket. Otherwise, the monitor could drop off.

        8. Tire pressure will be always changing by many environmental factors andone of key

           factors is tire temperature:

           Tire pressure (32PSI) will rise 1 PSI by about 10 ℃ temperature rise when inthe

           room temperature of 25℃.

        9. This product is only one-year warranty.